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Area Rug Cleaning

oriental rug in dining room that Clean-Rite can professionally clean

Vacuuming alone won’t keep your area rugs clean. A professional area rug cleaning will remove dirt, dust, allergens, and pet stains and odors. Clean-Rite’s area rug cleaning professionals use a cleaning process that will not damage or fade the color of your area rug.


Clean-Rite will carefully inspect your rug to assess the condition and check for existing damage. Our cleaning methods will then align to the specific needs of your area rug.  


We remove the area rug from your home and professionally clean it in our facility. Washing an area rug is the best possible way to clean it. Our full immersion wash process will refresh your area rug and thoroughly clean it. The water is extracted from the area rug through a spinning process that gently removes not only the water but any odors in the carpet. We brush your carpet in the direction of the pile and dry it in a climate-controlled drying room.


Our pickup and delivery service is free. Contact the area rug professionals at Clean-Rite to schedule service today.

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