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Preparation for your appointment

family on clean carpet without chemicals by Clean Rite

Clean-Rite uses the finest equipment and products to ensure the very best in carpet cleaning. To help us do our best, please follow the recommendations below before your appointment:


  1. Please remove all breakable items, knick-knacks, toys, and other movable objects from the area to be cleaned. We are happy to move small furniture to provide a thorough cleaning but reserve the right to refuse if items are deemed too heavy or valuable.

  2. When possible, please vacuum and/or sweep the carpet, floors, and/or upholstery prior to our arrival.

  3. Our equipment is portable! There is no need for your door to be propped open during our visit. Although this makes it easier for those of you with pets, we still recommend that you keep them out of the area to be cleaned. Some pets do not like the sound of a vacuum or other equipment. We are all animal lovers at Clean-Rite and only want what is best for your furry family members.

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