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kid and dog on clean white carpet from Clean Rite

We pride ourselves on using a low-moisture carpet cleaning process. It's better for your carpets and the environment.


At Clean-Rite, our proprietary low moisture carpet cleaning process will help keep your carpet looking and feeling its best. Our process: 

  • Uses significantly less water than outdated extraction cleaning

  • Gives you carpets that are ready to use in about an hour

  • Helps your carpets stay cleaner longer

  • Provides exceptional results


Our experienced carpet care technicians will pre-treat problem areas such as spots, high traffic lanes, and wear patterns, then determine the best way to thoroughly clean your carpets.


What you can expect:


  • Several cleaning processes for different circumstances and carpet types

  • Effective, low moisture carpet cleaning process

  • Carpets ready for use in about an hour in most cases

  • Non-toxic, pet and child-friendly cleaning products

  • Professional, uniformed cleaning technicians

  • Courteous staff that respects your schedule

  • Honest and open pricing policy

  • Experienced, insured, and reliable


Clean-Rite can tackle your carpet cleaning needs on a regular basis, be there to prepare your home for special events, or help clean up after the holidays. The level of cleanliness we can provide and our dedication to your complete satisfaction is what sets us above and beyond the competition.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

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