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Green Cleaning

Clean Rite believes in cleaning with green products and using less water

Today the term "Green" can mean many things. For us at Clean-Rite, "Green" is the safest and best way to clean carpets. We are committed to using green cleaning products and practices that keep toxins out of our air, water, and soil.


Unfortunately, many conventional cleaning products release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the Earth’s atmosphere and may find their way to our waterways and soil when rinsed into our drainage systems.


Using safe products and green cleaning procedures, we can work together to reduce our impact on the environment. At Clean-Rite, we have carefully chosen products that are created in an environmentally responsible manner, are biodegradable and toxin-free. We train our staff to use proper cleaning procedures and do our very best to reduce our carbon footprint.

By using green cleaning methods, we improve your home's air quality and your carpet is safe and chemical-free for your children and pets. 


Contact us to schedule service and experience the Clean-Rite difference!

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