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How a Dirty Carpet Affects Your Health

Carpets are effective thermal insulators and can provide a comfortable place to sit and play. But dirty carpets retain harmful microbes such as allergens, bacteria and fungi, which can have adverse effects on your health.

Dirty carpets can cause some of the following health issues:

Allergies – unclean carpets can cause allergy-induced asthma and other health problems such as contact dermatitis or allergic rhinitis.

Skin Conditions – The fungi lurking in your carpet can cause skin conditions like rashes, itchy feet, athlete’s foot, and eczema.

Respiratory Problems – Damp carpets provide a cozy home to mold, which can cause severe allergic reactions if inhaled. Our dry carpet cleaning system significantly reduces the amount of dampness in your carpet after cleaning.

To keep your family healthy, choose Clean-Rite to deep clean your carpets and area rugs.

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