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Spring is the Time to Get Your Area Rugs Cleaned

Cleaning your home’s area rugs isn’t just about removing spots when they appear. It’s necessary to clean them periodically.

You made an investment in the beautiful area rugs and oriental carpets in your home. Most area rugs are made of natural wool, silk, and cotton. To maintain their beauty and softness, they must be professionally cleaned and might even benefit from a protective fiber sealer to repel dirt and stains.

Moths that live in area ponds and marshy area in the spring and early summer look for dusty places to build nests. They can get into your house and attack your rugs. Dusty rugs that haven’t been cleaned in several years are perfect targets.

Having a qualified, professional service clean your rugs will get rid of the dirt and dust that moths love to nest in.

Spring is also the time to check the rug pad under your rug. If it looks dirty or is crumbling, A good rug pad helps reduce wear and makes the rug last longer.

Include your area rugs in your spring cleaning this spring.

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