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Why Store-Bought Cleaners are Bad for Your Area Rugs

Beautiful area rugs are an investment you’ve made in your home. They get dirty and stained. How do you clean them?

Store-bought cleaners should never be used for area rug cleaning. They are harsh and can damage the delicate wool, silk, and cotton that make up your rug. Also, the chemicals in these store-bought cleaners don’t always come out of the fibers. The detergents used can build up and cause the fibers to clump together.

Because store-bought cleaners use large amounts of water to do the job, your rug is left soaking wet and can take several days to fully dry. During that time, the colors of your natural pile are bleeding on the surface underneath, which can cause damage. Additionally, the moist environment is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold to grow.

Area rug cleaning is not something that the average homeowner should attempt. If you are unsure of how to properly care for your area rugs, call our professional carpet cleaners. We’re experienced and trained in how to properly care for and clean all your area rugs.

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