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Why You Should Hire a Professional to Clean Your Area Rugs

Areas rugs soften your hardwood floors and can draw a room together. But, overtime, they can get dirty and start to smell. You may think that simply vacuuming your rug and spot cleaning will keep it looking like new. But this is very far from the truth. When it comes to area rug cleaning, you need to have a professional do the work.

As professional area rug cleaners, we will inspect your carpet before cleaning. We check for the overall condition of the rug and to see if any repairs are needed. Inspecting the rug also allows us to understand what material the rug is made from and what the best way of cleaning it should be.

Our technicians will pick up your area rug (and return it) free of charge. We bring the area rug back to our facility for a hand washing. Hand washing allows us to clean the rug without ruining colors or causing them to bleed into other areas.

Once the rug is cleaned, it is hung to dry in a climate-controlled room to eliminate the possibility of mold growing on a damp rug. When your rug is completely dried, we brush the pile to fluff the fibers and we vacuum it to remove any remaining debris.

When you trust your area rug to Clean-Rite for cleaning, you can be assured that no harsh chemicals and no machines are used that may damage your rug.

If you want your area rug properly cleaned, trust our professional carpet cleaning technicians.

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